Ecuador is located in the northwest area of South America and borders with Columbia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean.  It also includes the Galapagos Islands which are located 600 miles off the coast in the Pacific.  



The local common foods of Ecuador vary with the altitudes and conditions. Ecuador is known as the “land of soups” with over 200 varieties.  Even Anthony Bourdain praised the quality and variety of soups in this country in his “No reservations” episode on Ecuador. A traditional meal consists of soup, dessert and coffee. In the highlands, beef, pork, chicken or cuy (guinea pig) along with rice, corn or potatoes may be included in the soup. Whereas, along the coast, soups are often more based on fish and shrimp.  Ceviche is also a primary part of the diet and is served with fried plantains and popcorn. The coastal area is also a major producer of passion 



Although it is a small country, it is extremely diverse with regard to opportunities for adventure tourism at the head waters of the Amazon or exploring the nature and diversity of the Galapagos Islands.  The terrain varies from the tropical Amazon Rainforest, to the high desert in the Sierras.  From the small villages with colorful markets to bustling Quito with a tour of historic Rondo Street, there are many options. The largest city is Guayaquil, but the capital is Quito, the second highest capital in the world at an elevation of.  Quito and Cuenca, are two cities that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  


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