By Jonas Pohlmann, Semester at Sea, Spring 017

Deep fried or totally raw? Food in Japan has a lot for different textures and flavors. Tuna belly sush,i for example, has a very tender texture. If it is fresh, it has almost no flavor. The soy sauce and the texture of sushi make it very interesting. At the same time fried crispy shrimps with a sweet sour sauce in fresh grinded sesame appeal to me even more. How can you make things that crispy?

The same goes for sweets. Green tea soft ice with a cookie of cinnamon make a perfect combo. Speaking of combinations, strawberries make good sweets even better. A crepe with cream covered with fresh strawberry and a little bit of chocolate make a game arcade a unreal place of pleasure.

Using your chopsticks efficiently is critically important. The Japanese also use long chopsticks for cooking. I got some for my own from the 100 Yen store (like the US $1.00 Store). Sticking your chopsticks in rice is considered as very impolite as it reminiscent of candles you have for a death ceremony.

Even though you have to keep some basic rules in mind in Japan you are in a perfect place to find some delicious food.  If you know the places the locals just go to you will get the best immersion into the Japanese culture. Especially Osaka, the perfect city for food, amazed me by its big street food scene. All the time I felt like looking for something new to eat and after all rolling to the railway station to get home and some sleep.

Japan is a country with one of the best food I ever ate. When is your turn going?