By Mariana Faggion Nogueria, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

Cape Town is a westernized city.  Leaving the port, at V&A Waterfront you are able to see all of that. Restaurants of all places: Italian, Greek, Portuguese cuisines, but not even one was South African cuisine. Actually, South African food is very hard to find, maybe because of the English colonization or the touristic kind of town.

The culinary on the city reminded me places like New York or São Paulo, Brazil (where I’ m from). The huge variety of restaurants and the specialization of simple foods restaurants is what make those places singular. For example, on those cities the turning things as s simple burger in a gourmet dish is a trend.  They are not just meat, bread, cheese and salad anymore. Now they come with different sauces, different ingredients, different combinations and an explosion of tastes. They have become a way of chefs use their techniques. In Cape Town, one of my orders was a burger with alligator meat completed with fresh avocado. On the other, I ordered a salmon sandwich that it was tasteful.

Other high point about the city is the seafood. On the V&A Waterfront you are able to get delicious shrimps, fishes, oysters and more. I haven’t had seafood since December in Brazil, so I was craving for it. My brother and I got a plate with a mix of seafood and it tasted just like home.

My food experience was amazing. Adding up to that, I had wonderful wine and coffee, making the overall experience outstanding. The food was amazing and it brought me back home in every sense.