By Amy Squire, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

I had the chance to experience a lot of great food when I was in South Africa but I think that my favorite time was with the Foodies On Foot program though Semester at Sea.

Our tour took us to the city of Stellenbosch where we started out with a brief history of the city itself.  Next we met a chef who gave us wine from his family’s winery and then made us a beautiful charcuterie platter. It had local cheese, meat, grapes, peppers, kale and bread.

The next place we went to was a chocolatier called Le Chocolatier where we got to sample 3 different chocolates. I got a Crème Brule, a coconut, and a dark chocolate covered cherry. All three were amazing. We then had another wine tasting at a place called Love Wine. The owner of the shop gave us lessons on how to taste the wine by smelling, looking and swirling the cup. We also had little snacks of dried meat that we ate with each different wine we sampled.

Finally, we went to a coffee shop called Blue Crane Coffee where we learned how to make a cold brew and sampled some cakes. Overall the whole experience was delightful and I loved the city itself. I wish I had many more days to spend wander and eating in this little town of Stellenbosch.