After 7 days at sea between Mexico and Honolulu, we were all ready to get off the ship.  However, this stop was not really a "stop" but rather a 10 hour refueling of the ship.  We did our best to see as much as we could of Hawaii in those 10 hours.  Tours included snorkeling, visiting a pineapple plantation, going along the north shore, eating some typical Hawaiian food. One of the most popular tours that sold out right away was the  (believe this or not) WALMART TOUR.  This was a chance for everyone to purchase the things that they needed and forgot to pack. 

One of the most popular items was yoga mats.   We completely depleted Walmart's supply. Another popular item was bed pillows.  Evidently many of us though the pillows on the ship were too flat.   Other items included granola bars, clothes pins, bottled water, reading lamps etc.

By the time we arrived I Kobe, I had added to my list- a plain, cheap Casio watch.  While traveling across the Pacific we lost a day and a few hours in time. Even my iPhone and MacBook Pro were confused.  In addition, I was still learning ship time and that 1800 really meant 6 pm. My solution was a cheap watch so I really knew what time it was.