Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, has preserved its Buddhist traditions and predominantly rural culture. In many ways, Burma has remained unchanged since British colonial times. SAS students may partake in a visit to an elephant camp, engage with teachers and children at a local school, or participate in a meditation



In Myanmar we will focus on the history, development and foreign influences on their food and culture. We will learn about the agriculture, traditions, and culture.  Our goal will be to discover the unexpected from the local people and culinary communities.




We will  study international issues in tourism  in Myanmar with an emphasis on the impacts, opportunities, and challenges for its growth or decline, and how that future tourism development can become more sustainable.  We will make a special effort to visit and assess UNESCO sites in each of the countries we visit.



social entrepreneurship

We are  looking forward to meeting with social entrepreneurs in Myanmar to learn about their initiatives for addressing social, cultural and environmental issues ranging from access to potable water, food, and education for example.  Using the new Sustainable Development Goals 2015 as a framework for analysis of various initiatives, we will see first hand some of the creative ways entrepreneurs have used their business acumen to “do good”.