When I began planning for the Semester at Sea Spring 2017, I knew that I wanted to share my passion for exploration and adventure with young children. I will be providing photo galleries and short videos sharing the experience of living on a boat for 4.5 months and learning about 1`1 countries in 100 days as we travel around the world.



We will start our voyage in San Diego, California on January 2 when all of the teachers will meet to get on the boat. We will spend three days getting ready for the students and they will come to the boat on January 5.  

Our first trip will be about 5 days long. We will travel from the Pacific Coast of California to the island of Hawaii. 

Learning at Sea

Shipboard we will have classes and lectures.  Once in port, we will have the opportunity for hands-on experiences, service learning and time for exploration.

Life at Sea

Living on a boat can be fun. There will be over 500 students and 40 faculty on the boat. So, we each have small spaces where we live.  In addition, we have classes on the boat every day. We are learning about the places where we will be traveling so that we know about them when we arrive.

Little Backpackers

Semester at Sea encourages faculty, staff and students to mentor young future travelers. "Little Backpackers" is a name that I have given this section where I made mini videos (2-3 minutes) for pre-school children to learn more about travel and the world.