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By Mohamed Babiker, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

My visit to South Africa was truly inspirational and transformational. I had to the opportunity to see the good and the bad of the country. Although many might say that the townships in South Africa are sad and unfortunate, however, I found the beauty in my experience visiting one of the townships. The township I went to really showed me that they have a really great sense of community. Everyone takes care of everyone, every child is everyone’s child.  A product of this amazing love, is the Happy Feet Organization in Langa Township, Cape Town South Africa which was founded by Siviwe Mbinda in 2007, Happy Feet empowers children through gumboots dance to work hard towards positive goals and keeps them away from negative influences.

It brings together children from a wide range of ages to come and find unity and happiness through unique dance. We had the chance to see the girls and boys to perform their dances to us. Through their dances I could see the joy in their eyes. You could tell that they were all happy and loved to dance. Happy Feet also feeds these children twice a week. They also help them with their school fees when they can. This organization definitely does a really great job of occupying the kids and keeping them out of trouble. I would definitely go back or support this foundation.