By Sami Elkan, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

During my visit to China, I went to the most interesting museum I have ever visited, The Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre, created by Mr. Yang Peiming. The museum is the only place in the world devoted to the collection and study of Chinese propaganda posters.

This propaganda was disseminated during wartime and peace time to influence the Chinese people’s views on the west, gender roles, foreign allies, domestic politics, and to motivate them to act in certain ways. The Chinese government is not vocal about its excessive use of propaganda, which is why Mr. Peiming’s venture is important; it makes previously concealed information open to the public. 

He is educating people about China's propaganda past. He has collected and studied 6,000+ propaganda posters and created a museum to showcase them in order to educate people. Further, Mr. Peiming made the decision to not allow photo-taking in the museum because his work could easily be made available to the public which might have a negative impact on the number of people who would choose to visit his museum.   It was a truly interesting museum and I would recommend it.