By Mae Mae Cook, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

Two things that really stuck out to me in Ghana was the amount of poverty, and the dedication to religion. Slums lined the roads while driving through the country, along with much graffiti. But instead of the vandalized walls saying rude or vulgar quotes, they were filled with bible verses and encouraging messages. Also lining the roads were advertisements for church services and evangelical events, which was a little strange to see.  

On Sunday, most restaurants and shops were closed to honor the holy day, and most of the people I saw were dressed in church attire. Coming from the south, this dedication to religion wasn’t new to me and it made me miss my church and my Sunday traditions.

Another religious aspect of the Ghanaians was their names. Many of them have two names- one that is a normal name given at birth, and the other is a Christian name, which comes from people in the Bible.  I saw a little of that in South Africa, but it was very important here. Although Ghana wasn’t a typical tourist destination and they have a lot to work on to make it one I would still love for everyone to get to see Ghana if you get the chance (and can handle the heat)!