By Danielle Murphy, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

Ghana is a country that can inspire one to be a true traveler of the world with 

experiences that can alter anyone’s views on religion, politics and ones love 

for their country. Tema, Ghana is a port city that is in close distance to the

main hub of Accra. If you have only a single day to spend in the country I 

would recommend getting the heck out of Accra. 


The city of Accra does not fall into the mainstream concept of city and has a

main street of stalls with businesses attempting to sell you something. If 

you want to buy something within a stall do not go inside or even look if you 

are by yourself. Try to bargain, but do not be tricked into paying too much 

for a cheaply made item. There are also several malls in the area, about 3 

all with a half hour distance of each other. At these malls you will not find

too many western style stores. Maybe a MRP and Levis, but you will see grocery 

stores that are full of locals and you will stand out. 


If you decide to get out of the city try to get to an outdoor activity. Beaches,

hikes, horseback riding, bike rides, safaris and rainforests are all close by 

or at least 3 to 4 hours drive. I would recommend the preserves and rainforest. 

A beautiful rainforest full of rope walk ways in worth seeing and can make for 

an amazing photograph. Animals are far beneath you but you can hear sounds of life every so often. Animals are more apparent in the area of preserves and 

are well taken care of.  You can see species ranging from zebras, ostrich, 

monkeys and others. This is a perfect plan if you have children in your grou