By Abby Coyle, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

Traditional Ghanaian food consists of chicken, rice, and beans.  Despite the bland images that come to mind, it is actually delicious and so full of flavor. Country Kitchen is a great restaurant to go to if you are in Accra and want traditional Ghanaian food.


However, if you are in the mood for a more Western restaurant, I highly suggest the Coco Lounge in Accra, Ghana. The atmosphere is chic and aesthetically pleasing. And the food is absolutely amazing – the best meal I had during my time in Ghana.

After having my fill of chicken, rice, and beans my first couple days in the country, I was ready to order pizza, chips and guacamole and chicken fingers. And it was so. good. In many of the Asian and African countries I have traveled too, western styled restaurants generally have not been that good. The pizza has been cardboard like, and chicken fingers have not tasted like those I remember from home

However, the Coco Lounge exceeded my expectations. All of the ingredients tasted so fresh and full of flavor, and reminded me very much of my favorite restaurants back in the states. If you are in Accra and are feeling a little homesick, I definitely suggest going to the Coco Lounge to get some delicious, homestyle food.