I think Ghanaian food has exceeded my expectations the most. I did not anticipate liking the foods I would encounter, but I really did. One thing that surprised me was the amount of plantains I ate. On the side of the road, there were people who sell snacks and drinks from baskets on their heads to drivers stuck in traffic. My tour guide brought one of these people onto our bus to sell us plantain chips. I have had plantain chips plenty of times at home, but I had never enjoyed them until I tasted them in Ghana.

My tour group stayed in a village outside of Cape Coast. It was a beach town that was quite removed from development. For this reason, we ate all of our meals at our hotel. They served us joloff rice and red red, traditional Ghanaian dishes. Joloff rice is spiced rice that is served in a cone shape. It was very good, but I could only finish a little bit of it. One serving is pretty large.

Red red surprised me the most because I hate eating beans (e.g., lima beans, black beans, etc.). I have never liked them, but I really enjoyed red red. It consisted of beans covered in a moderately spicy sauce. This was served with cooked plantains. Unlike the rice, the serving was quite small, perfect for an after-surf lunch.