By Liz Gillis, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

There are very few things that I get nervous about when heading into a new port or country at this point in the voyage. However, the one thing I was most concerned about for our short time in Ghana was the food. We had learned about certain dishes from class and through our interport student, but I still wasn’t sure on what exactly Ghanaian cuisine would be like. To my surprise I loved everything I ate while in country.        

On the first of our four days I was on a SAS program that traveled through Nima looking at and engaging with local artists. We met the communities chief, wandered through the mural lined streets and ended our day with a home cooked meal and a painting lesson with the artists themselves! The day was fantastic. Our meal was served buffet style and one by one we got to choose from a plenty of dishes. I choose both the fish rice and white rice, egg stew, fried cheese and tuna, gravy and a “salad”.        

Maybe it was my exhaustion or maybe it was my extreme hunger at this point of the day but everything was delicious!