While in India, I had the opportunity to travel to many different parts of the country including Cochin, Varanasi, Agra, and New Delhi. For the majority of the time in port, I was on a Semester at Sea trip. To my surprise, every single meal we ate was in hotels eating at a buffet. There were always many curry options and my favorite, naan, which I ate for every single meal and quite enjoyed it.

 I ate at a local restaurant. I ordered buttered chicken and chicken fried rice. At this meal, I decided that I wasn’t going to like Indian food as much as I thought I would. I like being able to see what I am eating and all the sauce on the buttered chicken made this very difficult to see what was underneath.

I tried some street foodin Varanasi  also. I am not sure how to spell the name of it, but I actually really enjoyed this snack. They take these hallow balls and make a hole and fill it with a chickpea mixture and then pour a green sauce on top. I am not exactly sure what I was eating but it was fun and exciting to try a local Indian snack. India had some interesting options and I am so glad I got to try a variety of foods while there!