By Renee Hall, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

I guess I’ll start off by saying that Vietnam was amazing! I loved the people, the places and the food. Overall, I think it was the people that made my experience in Vietnam so memorable. They were all so helpful and friendly that I couldn’t help but enjoy me time wherever I was. I spent most of my time in Ho Chi Minh City mostly exploring and eating food. A friend of mine invited me to go on a motorbike tour. I was a little apprehensive because Vietnam is known for their controlled chaos way of driving. I can honestly say that going on that motorbike tour was the best decision I made while I was there. The people that lead the tour for us were university students and they drove us on motorbikes through the city showing us various popular religious and historical cites as well as some great places to get some Pho and coconut. Everywhere we went on the tour was filled with rich culture and smiling faces. Again I say, the people made the experience memorable. I would definitely go back to Vietnam if I ever get the chance. The cites were beautiful, the food was tasty and the people were welcoming.