The first trip to the local REI store in Soho was helpful.  Be sure to sign up for a membership to get an incentive of 10% on your annual purchase around March of the following year.  We will actually be in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but credit for something to purse for your next adventure!!  If you do not use your credit by the end of July, REI sends you a check!

Here are a few items you should consider in preparing for the voyage!

1. Duffle bags (2) with a limit of 70 pounds each. 

This means start lifting weights now.  You need all that stuff if we are traveling 4 months. The challenge is getting it to San Diego and then back from Hamburg to the US.  If you plan to stay the hang out in Europe for a while, you need to consider carrying around 140 pounds of stuff!

2. Travel cubes

These are hand for keeping your drawers organized and they are easy to throw in your weekend backpack for various excursions

3. Hat

A sun hat or baseball cap.  Just remember, we are going to be at sea and there will be the wind.

5. Sunscreen

A must for being on a boat.  Small containers are easy to throw in your backpack.  Maybe have a large container in the cabin and refill GoToobs for your weekend backpack.

6. Comfortable shoes

Whatever shoes you choose, make sure to break them in before the trip.  According to SAS, we must wear covered shoes on the boat and you will probably need some hiking boots along with sturdy sandals with straps. Chao and Treva are great brands.

7. Pocket laundry leaves

I just discovered this.  Another great item for your weekend backpack or even the cabin when you need to wash some items in the sink.

8. Pocket body wash leaves

By the same company, these are small, lightweight and easy to pack.

9. Small wide mouth 3 oz bottles to carry on our in country adventures

GoToob bottles are great because the wide mouth makes for easy refills for your weekend backpack excursions.