The technology you need depends on how much you want to record this once in a lifetime adventure!

Packing the tech bag

When you start packing this may be the heaviest of your two allotted bags to carry on the plane and then, the ship.  Of course, a laptop computer, HD video camera, a digital cameras, lenses, tripods and cell phone.

To save on weight in your checked bags and assure that you will have all the charging tools that you need. Consider packing chargers, transformers, converters, adapters and tripod in your carryon luggage.  By the way, all technology should be in your carry on with at least one change of clothes in case of any luggage delay or loss.  And… take a picture of your luggage on our cell phone.


First of all, check the international options with your carrier. You may decide to get an international program or you may decide to purchase an international sim card. Or, you may just decided to unplug and only speak to friends and family when you can find a wifi connection in any of our destinations or maybe, not at all.

Keep in mind, you will have some internet on the ship, but onlya couple of hours per day and rumor is that it is super slow.  Some cell phone carriers with international programs have limited data downloads/uploads so be sure to evaluate that.  It is better to pay for a larger data amount than to pay for “overage data use”.


It seems that many of our phones have replaced our need for a camera.   However, you would not want to be at the Taj Mahal and see that you had no charge on your cell phone.  So- consider taking a digital camera with a back up battery that you can always carry with you.  Of course, there will be the expert photographers with theprofessional cameras, but there is something to be said for “not looking like a tourist” all day and slipping with phone or small camera in your pocketto have it ready for that priceless shot.

So- what about GoPro?  Here are some links to compare GoPro Hero 4 and 5. Check them out!!