One way to approach this is to do your own research by visiting the US State Department website where you will get more information than you ever expected

That is the first step I took. I was so overwhelmed with requirements for the 11 countries we will visit that I actually created a spreadsheet. 

Then, started making regular visits to my doctor’s office. All the immunizations were free except the Yellow Fever vaccine My doctor’s office did not have  he vaccine so I had to go to a special travel immunization clinic where the one shot cost me $240- cash.  

Then, when I got down to the rabies shots, the medical doctor on Semester at Sea said she did not recommend it unless I planned to hang out with monkeys or stray dogs on the street!!  Great- rabies shots were going to be $300 each and it was suggested that I needed three (3) shots. 

Consult with our doctor on which type of malaria medicine you want to take since we are basically in malaria area from China to Ghana!   Typhoid pills can be taken before our departure.

Regardless, do your homework before going to see your doctor.  Try going to your local health department to see if you can get any of these at no charge.

Once we are done getting all of these shots, we can go ANYWHERE!!!