Social entrepreneurship in China is in its infancy. There are many questions about how it could most effectively implemented in China.  The remarkable civic response to the Wenchuan Earthquake demonstrated the role that civil society can and did play in the aftermath of the devastation on Sichuan and other parts of southwest China.  As a result of this response, the year 2008 became called China’s “Year of the Volunteer”.  Joyful and Harmonious Home (JHH) was the social entrepreneurial operation that helped to deal with the results of the earthquake. Many Chinese social organizations are plagued by the lack of financial resources. It is suggested that this situation could be remedied if organizations would seek market-based revenue or partner with commercial enterprises.  Xiaomin Yu (2011) published an article“Social Entrepreneurship in China’s Non-profit Sector: The Case of Innovative Participation of Civil Society in Post-Disaster Reconstruction” wherein he uses the earthquake response as case study on effective implementation of social entrepreneurship in Chinese civil society. Check the "Learning at Sea" social entrepreneurship resources to see the complete article. How do you think China could address some of its social problem?


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