By Mae Mae Cook, Semester at Sea, Spring 2017

So this was my first time to Hawaii- I’m already hooked. First of all I am the biggest fan of the beach that you will ever meet. I could roll in the sand, jump through the waves, or just soak up the sun for hours on end. I go to Florida a few times ayear with my family, but Hawaii was something special.

My first activity for the day was going to a waterfall. I hiked through a lust green forest with every sight more beautiful than the last. Being from Mississippi, I’ve experienced some serious humidity, but if felt like it was about 110% humidity in Hawaii.

After the waterfall we went to a small beach to relax and eat coconut ice --Honestly, one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. Because it was in such a off beaten path, some locals didn’t like the tourists there. They got a little hostile with us, but we politely left and apologized for disturbing their spot. Although, we got kicked out of this beach, we still had an amazing time.

The next beach we went to was a secluded cove surrounded by cliffs. I climbed to the top to take in the strong waves crashing and spreading the white foam all around.

Hawaii really made me wish I could surf, but I don’t know how I will learn while one the ship. Overall, I loved Hawaii and cannot wait to go back to enjoy the beaches. Also I would love advice on the best Islands to visit!