When you visit India, Jaipur should be on your list of must see places.  It is called the “Pink City” because many of the forts, havelis and palaces are terracotta pink in color.  Jaipur is the most important destination after Agra where you will find the Taj Mahal.

You will want to take a ride up the mountain 11 km to the Amber Fort constructed of marble and sandstone in 1592 CE.  Here you will see the influence of Hindu and Muslim architecture.

If you like astronomy, be sure to visit the Jantar Mantar which was added to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2009. There you will see the world’s largest sundial.

Hawa Mahal of the Palace of the Winds is a 5 story palace constructed in 1799 CE.  It was built especially for the women of the royal household so they could watch the every day life in the city yet stay veiled behind the windows.

After Agra, your next stop should be Jaipur. The forts and palaces take you back to the times of royal families.